Indoor Cat Hammock

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Give your feline a hanging nap with the Indoor Cat Hammock

Our feline friends are known to have a weakness for high vantage points. The Aerial Hammock for Cats combines this natural instinct with unparalleled comfort.

Designed for your feline, this Aerial Cat Bed offers a feeling of softness and security, while allowing you to save floor space in your home.

Its solid fixation guarantees a secure installation on any window, providing your cat with a panoramic view.

This Cat Hammock is not only an ultimate relaxation spot for your cat, but it also serves as an ideal observation point for the curious. It is made from a soft and strong fabric, ensuring durable and comfortable use.

Characteristics of the Indoor Hammock for Cats:

  • Type: Cat Hammock
  • Position: Overhead / Window mounting
  • Material: Soft and durable fabric
  • Installation: Easy and secure
  • View: Panoramic for observation

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Samuel Murio

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We just received the package, Perfect :)

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Perfect delivery

We just received our 3 pack at home

Mathilde Launay

Very good experience

1st order from Sovala, not disappointed at all, we will probably order more. THANKS.

Michel Planton

Very good alternative!

My wife and I need light in our dressing room, this is the perfect alternative. THANKS!

Lucie Fonsat

Too happy :)

I watched all your videos before purchasing and frankly I'm not disappointed at all! Quality at the rendezvous!

Xavier Bazin

Good quality

Package arrived in 6 days and in good condition, battery lasts long compared to other brands, good amount of light, highly recommended

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